(All links are to English-based websites unless otherwise noted)

Great Blogs about Japan (A.K.A Shameless Plug for Friends!)

JET Links
  •  CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
  •  CLAIR's Emergencies and Disasters website 

    Life in Japan 
    • Fireworks WalkerPlus : listings of fireworks displays all around Japan (Japanese only, only operational in summer)
    • Sawayaka Walking : find walking trails and clubs in Japan (website is available in English and Japanese but the Sawayaka Walking section is only in Japanese)
    • Japan Healthcare Info (JHI) : a great company for those in Japan who are not adept at the Japanese language. They will make your doctors appointment for you and provide translation services for a fee.
    • Yoyo Market : one of many online import shops but this is the best in my opinion (fast, decent prices)

        Japanese Language Learning 

        • Memrisememorization system of vocabulary--make your plants grow! (check the website and you'll see what I mean)
        • Anki:  memorization card system to help you remember vocabulary, kanji, and the whatnot--you can make your own cards!
        • Multi-Rad Kanji Search: Search for kanji by radical at Jim Breen's (creator of many great Japanese language learning tools like the Kotoba! app for iphone) great kanji website.

        More to come!!
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