Friday, 9 November 2012

T.G.I.F.: Ito "Butt-Pinching" Festival

You read that correctly.

At Otonashi shrine (音無神社) in Ito this Saturday you can enjoy the 36th annual “Butt-Pinching” Festival. Why the "Butt-Pinching" Festival? Well, because the festival involves a ritual where you are given some sacred sake to drink but before you can drink it, you must pinch the buttocks of the people around you. The festival runs from 6:30pm until around 9:00pm. Highlights include taiko (drum) performances and “booty sumo” (it's what it sounds like). If you are looking to see some of the weird and wonderful things that Japan has to offer, this event will likely be a memorable experience. Ladies, however, are warned that the likelihood of lecherous old men being in attendance is strong. You have been warned.

Otonashi Shrine is a 15 minute walk from Ito station (just follow the crowds). Ito can be reached by taking the JR Tokaido Line and changing at Atami. And if you are planning to stay the night, I definitely recommend K's House.  

I couldn't find a picture of the "Butt-Pinching" Festival so here is a picture of someone's butt. 

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