Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tops Tuesdays!

It's exam season in Japan so many students will be flat-out studying and many teachers will be flat-out marking those exams. Its a busy time of year but if you work in Japan as a teacher, you may have noticed your students' increased propensity towards the humble Kit Kat chocolates recently. This is because the Japanese pronunciation for 'Kit Kat' sounds like "きっと勝つ" (or “Kitto Katsu”), which translates into Japanese as, “I'm definitely going to win!” Obviously, chocolate is no substitute for studying but some students like to think of Kit Kats (with their many weird and wonderful flavours) as a lucky charm to carry into their exam with them. Good luck and "頑張って!" ("Do your best!") to all the high-schoolers and high school teachers out there this exam season!

Image source: http://blog.creamglobal.com/right_brain_left_brain/2012/03/kitkats-secret-to-success-in-japan.html


  1. Kit Kat in Japan makes for a great souvenir with all the different flavours that can be found. Different areas and regions also have their own specialty.

    1. There are three Kit Kat flavours I've seen for the Izu Peninsula: Strawberry Shortcake (Izu is famous for strawberries), Green Tea (Shizuoka is famous for green tea), and Wasabi (another food Izu is famous for). The Wasabi one definitely has an interesting taste. :)


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