Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Izu Life: Top Five Pinners and Tumblrs about Japan

Continue reading to find out my top 5 favourite pinners and tumblrs on the topic of Japanese fashion, culture and much more...

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5. dreams-of-japan

This photo blog on Tumblr is one of the best collections of Japan-themed photos I have ever seen. With a penchant for street scenes and cherry blossoms, dreams-of-japan is everything that is cute, light and fluffy about Japan...

849 by (yarzyarth)

4. Gaijin Crafter

Having lived in Japan for 13 years, this pinner boats some of the best pin-worthy photos of Japan's landscapes, costumes and gadgetry...
Spring and Geisha.  Gennin-temple  in Kyoto, Japan. / #salmon #wildsalmon #canada

3. boku-wa-potato

Another fantastic photo blog/tumblr about Japan with a particular emphasis on the bleak starkness of modern Japanese architecture. 

2. Kumi Ito

Kumi Ito's pinboard dedicated to Japanese culture and products, titled Beautiful Japanese Style, has over eleven thousand pins and fifteen thousand followers. That's just for one pinboard! 
Japanese sweets

1. Tokyo Fashion's pinterest page brings you daily updates from the streets of Harajuku on what is hip and cool in Tokyo's fashion scene...
Pink-blue dip-dye hair is what first caught out eye + her silver Bubbles Harajuku shorts and Jeffrey Campbell wooden platforms, :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing these! I am definitely going to follow two of the tumblr ones :)


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