Friday, 22 February 2013

Travel Log: Bohemian Shimokitazawa and School Marathons

So last week was the school marathon. All the kids gathered at the front of the school and set off running on a 8 km course. This is an annual event at many high schools around Japan. Competition is high so many students will push themselves to their absolute limits, often collapsing at the finish line. That is how seriously this event is taken...

Check out some pictures after the jump!

Warming up

Gathering at the front of the school and ready to go!

Here they come!


And there they go... (Mt. Fuji says "hi!")

Also, the other day I visited the trendy neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. This neighbourhood has been voted amongst young people as the most desirable living location in Tokyo. Maybe its because of the hip bohemian vibe, the hundreds of recycled clothing shops, the relaxed bars and restaurants, and the happening theatre performance scene. I decided to hit the shops in Shimokitazawa and see what it was all about...

Little (literally) hole-in-the-wall bar I found...

Shimokitazawa can be reached from JR Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line. The best shop I found in the area for recycled clothing and bohemian wares was tippirag (a.k.a. "Flamingo"). Definitely worth a look if you are heading to Shimokitazawa!

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