Friday, 3 May 2013

T.G.I.F.: Free Yoga Session in Roppongi

Happy Golden Week! For those who don't know, Golden Week (starting today) is a series of four national holidays in close succession which people in Japan usually use for travelling around and out of Japan. Unfortunately, that means this is NOT a recommended time to travel  in Japan due to the high density of crowds around popular tourist destinations. It can be impossible to get a seat on trains and hotels often hike their prices up anticipating the competition for accommodation. So what to do?

If you are stuck for ideas and are in the mood for something quirky and relaxing, I recommend skipping Golden week altogether, sticking around, and trying the free yoga sessions being put on today through May 12th at Tokyo Mid Town in Roppongi, Tokyo. Escape the frantic pace of the Golden Week rush and take a moment to slow down and smell the roses. There are two sessions a day; the morning session (9am) and afternoon session (7pm). Enjoy!

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