Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Diary of a JET #5: New "Alien Registration" Procedures

I received this in my inbox from my PA and thought "I couldn't have summed it up better myself!" There are going to be some new important changes to the way the Alien Registration Card and Re-Entry Permit works. Also, the way temporary residents return to Japan after a stint overseas is going to be a different procedure at immigration. So rather than lay it all out myself, I have shamelessly copied and pasted his explanation here for your perusal. 
So thankyou PA! I secretly hope you never see this and get mad at me for not asking your permission first!
"A Note on the Certificate of Alien Registration (外国人登録証明書) and the New System
As you may or may not have heard, there will be a few changes with Certificates of Alien Registration (外国人登録証明書ーがいこくじんとうろくしょうめいしょ) after July 9, 2012.
If you are leaving JET and leaving Japan this summer, you may only need to do two things regarding this: (1) submit a "moving-out notification" (転出届ーてんしゅつとどけ) to your municipal government and (2) turn in your Certificate of Alien Registration card at the airport when you fly out of Japan. Nonetheless, my current Certification of Alien Registration expires on my birthday so I would need to apply for a temporary stay visa (短期滞在ーたんきたいざい) and would then receive a new Registration Card--yes for the two weeks or so that I would be in Japan after my Certificate of Alien Registration expires!
For those of you who are staying on JET for the 2012-2013 contract year, you can continue to use your Certificate of Alien Registration card after July 9, 2012 (please continue to always have this on your you habitually do now anyway!). You may apply for a new Resident Card (在留 カードーざいりゅうカード)at your Regional Immigation Bureau (in Hamamatsu or in Shizuoka City). Also, the next time that you apply for a change in your Status of Residence or an extension in your Period of Stay at your Regional Immigration Bureau, you would be issued the new Zairyuu Kado. Ultimately, your current Certificate of Alien Registration card will become invalid on July 8, 2015 or when your current Period of Stay expires, whichever comes first. The new Residence Card (zairyuu Kado) will replace the Certificate of Alien Registration card. With this new system re-entry visas will no longer be required. The flashing of the new Residence Card when you return to Japan will suffice, provided this Residence Card and your passport are valid, and you reture to Japan within one year from departing, and your Period of Stay does not expire while you are outside of Japan.
When you do receive a new Residence Card, please carry this with you always just like you currently do with your Certificate of Alien Registration card. Feel free to check these links as well:"
There. Don't you feel better? Don't you suddenly understand this whole confusing situation much better? I know I do. Thanks for reading!

What do you think of the new procedures for alien registration, re-entry and immigration?

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