Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tops Tuesdays!

In ‘Tops Tuesdays’ posts I will choose one thing, weekly, that I think is ‘tops’ about Japan. I stole the idea for this post from a favourite blog of mine. Enjoy!


Free for the public to use, oh-so-toasty-warm, and always a friendly elderly Japanese person itching to practice their English on you. These are dotted all over the Izu Peninsula and usually around train stations. Ask around and see if there is one near you! Just beware attending these late at night. A friend once told me he wanted to do so and found upon arrival a naked old man sitting in the public foot spa!

Not Tops!
And because no country is perfect and life isn’t always chipper, I have to include a least one not-so-favourite thing/experience...

They look demure. They always smile. They are always polite. But don't be fooled. Japanese women can be grotty. I avoid squats at all costs (for they are usually splattered with... you don't wanna know). But I cannot forgive women who use the western-style restroom and treat it like a squat: splattering everywhere. I try not to use public restrooms in general because they are ultimately gross and rarely cleaned. Please ladies! Use the western toilet in the western way; sitting down!

I'm sorry that the first Tops Tuesdays was a little gross. Do you have any Japanese public bathroom horror stories?

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