Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tops Tuesdays!

Find out what is tops and not tops this week after the jump!

Nuff said.

Not Tops

Ah, poor insulation. You sicken me. Thanks for ruining my winter. With your simple design and relative affordability, you'd think that the earth's citizens would adopt you universally. But not Japan. Nope, not those culturally unique cuties. Do you want to know why insulation is rare to non-existent in Japan? I asked a coworker and they told me, "Oh, it gets too hot!" Well, guess what? My apartment registered 3 degrees centigrade the other day and my heating bill is through the roof (no pun intended).   

Phew! Things seems to be getting a little heavy around here... I hope you enjoyed another round of Tops Tuesday. What do you do to beat the chill?

Images courtesy of C.C.SuzakuLelouch and Anonymous.


  1. Love my Kotatsu in winter in Japan, but can't beat the heated carpet at my home in Gifu :)

    1. I've never tried 'hot carpet' but I 've heard good things. :)


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