Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tops Tuesday!


^This, this, this! This the best thing I've seen all week. Abe-chan is a pet myna bird with his own Youtube channel. Myna birds are known for mimicking sounds and voices near perfectly. Abe-chan has learnt to parrot his Japanese owner's voice identically and proceeds to have something of a converstaion with her...
Abe-chan: Good morning!
Owner: Good morning to you.
Abe-chan: I’m a good boy, aren’t I?
Owner: You sure are. Abe-chan, I’m going out. Can you look after the house?
Abe-chan: Sure.
Owner: Really? You’re amazing. Be good, Abe-chan.
Abe-chan: OK, I will.
My mother has a pet rainbow lorikeet which she rescued back in Australia and while Olive is capable of simple greetings and asking "how are you?" it's nothing compared to Abe-chan! (Source).

Not Tops

Last Sunday a tornado tore through a region just 60 kilometres north-east of Tokyo. The tornado took the life of one boy, aged 14, and caused plenty of property damage, tearing the roofs off many houses. Tornados are extremely rare for Japan so this has come as something of a shock to many. I myself was enjoying a beautiful sunny day on Sunday when at around 3pm the wind picked up the the temperature dropped very suddenly. Thunder rolled in the distance and I felt the ground shake noticeably a couple of times but thought little of it until I heard the news report. Nature, with the beating Japan has taken in the past year or so, do you think you could cut these people some slack for a little while?


  1. Definitely sad about the tornado. :( I keep calling it a hurricane though. :/ Odd. I feel so much for the family that had their son/brother suddenly taken from them.

    However, WOAH! That bird is amazing!

    1. The Japanese media was calling it a tornado and the image above was taken on the day by a resident near the affected area in Japan. Looks like one to me! Also, yes, I cant get over the bird's voice either!


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