Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tops Tuesdays: Top 5 Hay Fever Cures

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The days are heating up and Japan's weather is returning to a more bearable temperature for my Australian sensibilities. Unfortunately with agreeable whether comes an inevitable downside; allergies. Every year in spring time the cedar trees release an intense nasal assault of pollen which sends Japan's citizens into a frenzy of sneezing and coughing unlike anything you have probably seen in any other country. If you, like me, are caught in the midst of all this, what can you do to combat the effects of hay fever? Read on to find out...

5. Nettle Tea

I have no idea is this works but a friend tip me off about this. Please let me know if you have tried it in the comments!
Nettle tea
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4. Spray

Spray this "Kafunsho Masukude Burokku" (Hay Fever Mask Block) on your flu mask and clothes to create a barrier between you and the pollen in the air!

Spray for your mask to (supposedly) keep out pollen better.
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3. Supplements

Try this pro-biotic supplements to reduce the affect of hay fever:

Quercetin - helps balance histamine levels (especially useful for allergy sufferers). I use it and find it actually does help!
NOW FOODS - Quercetin with Bromelain. Image Source
Probiotics apparently may help reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies. Regardless, they are good for your health! I take Kyo-Dophilus (pictured), but there are a lot of other types. Yogurt, miso, natto, kimchi and other fermented foods are great for good bacteria as well.
Wakunaga - Kyolic, Kyo Dophilus. Image Source.

2. Medication

Japan stocks many different brands of antihistamine hay fever medication including Allegra (アレグラ), Claritin (クラリチン), Alesion (アレジオン), Ebastel (エバステル), Talion (タリオン), and Zyrtec (ジルテック). Be aware that you may need a prescription from a doctor for these but I have heard of friends obtaining some of these over-the-counter. 
ストナリニ - an over-the-counter antihistamine medication that claims to not use as much of the ingredients that make you drowsy. It knocks me out completely, but my husband has used it with no problems, so it probably depends on your body.
Sutonarini. Image Source

1. Mask

I like these cute Rilakkuma ones found on ebay. I was at Disney Sea recently and saw many patrons walking around with Disney character versions of these. Very cute!
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How do you handle hay fever in Japan? Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm struggling at the moment as its pretty bad as its my first time back in Japan during spring for a while. Thanks for the tips :)

    1. Have you found any products that work for you? Good luck!


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