Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Izu Life: Posta Collect Postcards

The following postcards from Posta Collect are available from your local post office in Japan so keep an eye out. Actually, every prefecture has its own series of cards highlighting local attractions. The following cards represent Shizuoka Prefecture...

"Oi Tetsu Road"
This famous steam locomotive was the first in the country and is still being operated today. It is arguably the only domestic cog locomotive in Japan.

'The first waterfall landscape, "The Dancer and I"'
  This postcard depicts Kawazu Seven Waterfalls (Nanadaru). In front of the waterfall there is a bronze statue that was built in 1977 for the tale, "The Dancer and I", which tells the emotional story of a beautiful stream with waterfalls.

Depicted above is a delicious meal of grilled eel over rice. Lake Hamana in Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for eel and is known nationwide. Every May, the Eel Festival is held. During this festial, children play a popular game. They must run 50m and be the first to grab an eel sushi roll.

'Tea Daughter'
Shizuoka Prefecture is known for its green tea cultivation from ancient times with the perfect environment, terrain and weather for producing world-famous delicious green tea. In 1859, tea became an important export out of Yokohama's trade ports. The green tea industry was largely a result of repeated evolved mechanization of production and the improvement of plant growth technologies. At present about half of Japan's tea production occurs in Shizuoka making it Japan's largest tea-growing district.

The postcards are 180 yen each and require an additional 120 yen to affix a stamp. Keep an eye out for them!

What's your favourite postcard?


  1. lovely postcards! I collect the ones from my prefecture too.

  2. There are really cool and like them all, but favourite would have to be the steam locomotive passing through the green tea fields :)

    Japan Australia

    1. Nice. I would have to say the Eel one is my favourite because it makes me hungry. :)

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Let me know if you want any from Wakayama - I'd be happy to swap with you.




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