Friday, 6 April 2012

T.G.I.F.: Yep. Still Spring

You should probably check out my previous TGIF post if you are looking for recommendations on hanami spots in Shizuoka. Yes, the cherry blossom-viewing festivals are still rolling out and this weekend promises to ring in the peak of the season in style. Meanwhile, a friend let me know that the following hanami festival is taking place in Yoshiwara, next door to Fuji and the famous mountain of the same name: Yoshiwara Sakura Matsuri.

Maybe you can see Mt. Fuji peeking out in the background of this photo. The festival promises some of the best views of the iconic mountain and local cherry blossoms. Check out the link for spectacular images taken recently of what this festival has to offer. Happy Hanami everyone!

Where will you be pitching your picnic blanket this hanami season?


  1. Still looks like winter in my part of Gifu with snow the last 2 days! I'm sure spring will arrive at some stage :)

    Japan Australia

    1. Wow! Its really snowing this time of year? I hope things warm up for you soon!


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