Friday, 20 April 2012

T.G.I.F.: Shuzenji Free Foot Onsen Day


Just briefly: this event is happening tommorow (April 21st) just a few townships away from me in beautiful Shuzenji, known for its hot springs. The event celebrates the legend that a great monk on his travels, hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, spied a boy washing his blind father in the river in Shuzenji. The monk struck the ground near the river with his staff and there sprung forth a fountain of water with healing powers which healed the father's blindness. The villages built a free foot onsen in the place where the monk stuck the ground (though the exact location of the ground-striking is questionable as the free foot onsen has been moved repeatedly to accommodate urbanization). Check it out! Just google "湯汲み式" to see some great pics of the event!

To get to Shuzenji Town, take the Izuhakone Line from Mishima all the way to Shuzenji Station. When you get to Shuzenji Station, you can take the bus from terminal number 1 to the famous Shuzenji Onsen (Hot Spring) area (get off the bus at the stop outside of a Yamazaki convenience store, your ticket should cost 190yen, the bus has to do a massive u-turn to get to this bus stop so it should be obvious that you are at the right place when that happens). Walk a little further south (or follow the tourists) to the centre of Shuzenji Onsen town.

What are you doing this weekend?


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