Monday, 4 June 2012

The Izu Life: Culture Festival!

Last weekend was the Bunkasai (Culture Festival) of the school where I work. The kids had an amazing time! You could tell they were much more genki than usual and I found they where much more open to me and the gibberish I speak than any other day. Many ran up to me to have full conversations in English which is like pulling hen's teeth to get them to do during class! For many students, the Culture Festival is the event of the year. And so, the students worked all week after school, sometimes late into the night, to prepare their classrooms to serve as haunted houses, cafes and project displays. Enjoy some pictures below!


It begins... The opening ceremony of the bunkasai:

Disorder and chaos descended quickly following the opening ceremony. The students started singing karaoke so naturally a mosh pit formed...

The theme is "Laugh Laugh Laugh" so I guess laughing maniacally counts too?

Getting our names in kanji at the calligraphy club's stall...

Conga line!

Disney villains lurking in the stair wells as usual. More stairway art...

My friend in a bubble.

"Sold Out"

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I'll be posting some pics of the school's Sports Festival!


  1. oh wow your school's bunkasai looks WAY cooler than the ones in my town!

    1. Haha! I wish I could take credit for that! I had some friends come to visit and they said they were surprised at the size and scope of the bunkasai too. I guess my kids outdid themselves!

  2. Looks like a great Bunkasai and lots of fun for everyone involved.

    Japan Australia


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