Monday, 11 June 2012

Travel Log: Picking Green Tea and Architectural Feats in Harajuku

Last weekend, I did two things: on Saturday I went green tea picking for the first time on the Izu Peninsula, and on Sunday I caught up with some friends from Australia in Harajuku, Tokyo. Enjoy some snaps below!

Picking green tea!

This little guy came along for the ride...

Roadside coffee seller. The coffee comes off the back of a truck... literally!

Takeshita Dori...

Exploring Harajuku...

The Prada Building...

Me in Harajuku...

View from Harajuku...

"Free Hugs"

Have a great week! 


  1. Very Nice! From title I imagined you picked green tea in Harajuku, but that would almost be impossible now wouldn't it? Shizuoka is one of the best places for tea in Japan along with Kyoto, so you are very lucky. What did you think of Harajuku? It is a great spot for people watching in Japan and so close to one of my favourite sites Meiji Shrine.

    Japan Australia

    1. Haha! Sorry about the misleading post title. I definitely recommend green tea picking. It was more fun than it sounds. Even the guys who came with us and didn't want to wear "dresses" enjoyed themselves in the end. Harajuku is a great neighbourhood for shopping especially with Tokyo Plaza which just opened up but I think the Harajuku girls have moved shop to Shimokitazawa (the new hip neighbourhood). :)

    2. No need to apologize as it hooked me in and got me interested in your post, which is the aim of any good title. Green Tea Picking is something I would love to try and you've sold me on it :)

  2. We were in the same place at the same time! I was there on Sunday too and doing the same thing as you ... taking pictures! Looks like you had a good time the same as me lol.

    1. Harajuku certainly is a great place for photos! And free hugs it seems.


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