Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Izu Life: Sports Day

Yesterday was my high school's sports day. The kids work hard all year and this is one of their most looked-forward-to events; a day where they can let loose, forget about studying, and enjoy themselves. Enjoy some snaps below...

Rehearsing the day before...

The big day! Warming up...

Yes, that's Mount Fuji in the background...


Running with a pole competition...

It must be June...

Not sure what's going on here...

Big red balls...?

Score board.

High fives all round.

Well done to all my students! Japanese sports day brought back memories of my sports day when I was in high school in Australia which wasn't near as fun. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. oh wow your pictures are awesome! If only JHS in my area can decide NOT to have Sports Day in the height of summer!

    1. Oh no! Hopefully you'll have a cloudy sports day like I did. Stay hydrated!

  2. It certainly is a big event for the kids and they put so much effort into it as well. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the event, and can't believe that is Fuji-san in the background. How cool is that!

    Japan Australia

    1. Fuji-san is so close to where I live and work and I never get tired of seeing/photographing it!


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