Monday, 25 June 2012

Travel Log: Tokyo DisneySea

This past weekend I went to Tokyo DisneySea with my friends (who were visiting from Australia) to celebrate their final weekend in Japan. We had a blast! I've been to Tokyo Disneyland a few times but this was my first time at the Disney sea park and it was amazing! You could wander through various "sea ports" around the world; from Venice to the American docks. The best parts for me will always be the roller-coaster rides, especially the Tower of Terror. Enjoy some snaps below!

Welcome to Tokyo DisneySea!

European waterfront...


Lovers in Japan...

Strolling in Venice...

Tower of Terror!

Hidden Mickey!

The Raging Spirits ride. The water is on FIRE!

SS Columbia...

Beautiful evening...

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  1. WOW Disney Sea looks amazing! Feels like you're in the cities themselves instead of a theme park!

    1. I've never been to Europe but it was like going there! Although sometimes it felt more like Generic Europe than Italy or Spain or Greece specifically... But anyway, it was so much fun!

  2. Disney Sea is great for the attractions and shows while Disneyland is great for the rides and Disney experience. If you had to just recommend one, which one would it be?

    Japan Australia

    1. I feel Disneyland is geared more towards kids while DisneySea is designed more for adults than kids. So I guess I'd pick DisneySea but its a tough choice!


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