Friday, 23 March 2012

My Year in Japan in 2 Minutes 23 Seconds

UPDATE#2: This is the last time I post this, I promise! I managed to upload the original to vimeo. Please enjoy the original vimeo version beneath the youtube version!

UPDATE: So EMI disabled my YouTube video because of the music I used (I should have anticipated it but its been years since I have uploaded to YouTube and I guess I didn't realize YouTube had come to suck so bad since then). Uploaded again with some Creative Commons music. Not quite the same effect as the original but good enough. Enjoy!

To celebrate surviving my first year in Japan, I made this... (I hope you like it)

Edited YouTube version:

Original (Vimeo) version:

My Year in Japan in 2:23 Minutes from AussieOnTheIzu on Vimeo.

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