Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tops Tuesdays!



That is all.

PS: If you are from Adelaide, you must know about the awesome new Japanese crepe store that opened in Rundle Mall. I found it last Christmas. ISN'T IT AWESOME??
PPS: Hands-down best crepes in Tokyo is the 'Marion's Crepes' stand at the base of Tokyo Tower. You're welcome.

Images courtesy of Oh-Berlin.com (first image; Flickr, Creative Commons) and Staredad Comics (second image).


  1. Hello Sarah, thank you for dropping by my blog!

    I have yet to try crepes in Japan! *gasp* Though I really love other Japanese sweets like daifuku, moffles, and cheesecakes are really awesome here!

    I also just read your entry about re-contracting on JET. It was the same for me too -- I told my mum, 'yeah, I'll be in Japan for a year' but I knew right from day 1 that I need to stay in this country for at least 2 years to make the experience count. Now I have about 4 months left before I leave, it's kinda depressing and I guess I'm just not mentally ready yet! Congrats on another year in wonderful Japan!

    1. Japanese sweets are so awesome! I think I gained 10kg since I arrived in Japan.

      I know so many ALTs who are leaving over the next few months. Yeah, it is depressing that I wont get to see them much anymore. I wish I knew what I had to do to be mentally prepared to return to my own home country! Luckily I have another year to do so!


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